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➞ This geld­ing is in great flesh and ap­pears to be well-con­di­tioned. He has the most sloped shoul­der of the three horses in this group. How­ever, he isn’t as pro­por­tion­ate when his body is di­vided into thirds. He’s quite heavy in his front end, a bit long in the back, and short in the croup. He also has com­par­a­tively short legs for his body, and lacks Ara­bian type in his steep croup and lack of tail car­riage.

His neck is nicely shaped, but it’s a shorter neck than Geld­ings B and C have, and it dips slightly at the with­ers. He has an ap­peal­ing dish in his face, but his eyes ap­pear small.

Along with his well laid-back shoul­der, this geld­ing has long, slop­ing pasterns that I con­sider al­most over-an­gu­lated, which can be a weak­ness and cause ten­don is­sues with work. He’s also slightly over at the knee. He has very short can­non bones, but his joints ap­pear puffy, and he’s a bit camped un­der in front, which is of­ten seen with a horse that’s over at the knees. 

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