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Fall ning brings col­ors—itout mo­re­also draw­sthan just sea­sonal beau­ti­ful hunters. weath­erTo avoidand stun- be­ing mis­taken for a deer, Dave Di Pi­etra, owner of Syn­er­gist Sad­dles in Cheyenne, Wy­oming, of­fers these hunt­ing-sea­son safety guide­lines. • Go or­ange. Wear a bright-or­ange vest, try an or­ange hel­met cover, and out­fit your horse in or­ange wraps or an or­ange quar­ter sheet. This is the uni­ver­sal sign to a hunter not to shoot. • Ride with a buddy. More peo­ple and horses mean more noise to sig­nal your ap­proach. • Carry a whis­tle and blow it to iden­tify your­self. At­tach a bell to your tack so it jin­gles when your horse walks. • Avoid rid­ing at dawn or dusk, which are peak hunt­ing times of the day.

1. Trail Sheets from The Orig­i­nal Equine Pro­tec­tavest are made from tough, light­weight, vinyl-coated mesh. 2. The Trail Gear Col­lec­tion from Weaver Leather in­cludes a head­stall, hal­ter-bri­dle, and breast­col­lar. 3. Cob­ble Hill Equine Prod­ucts’ Safe...

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