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➞ This geld­ing is well-bal­anced, the first thing I look for. He could be shorter-backed, but due to the slope of his shoul­ders, he’s a bit long. He’s flat across his back, which will help him get his hind legs un­der­neath him­self and drive forward.

His nicely sloped shoul­der and well-de­fined with­ers are good traits, but his neck ties in to his chest a lit­tle low. He has ad­e­quate depth through his heart­girth, and his topline car­ries from his back over to a well-an­gled croup.

His knees and hocks are even in height from the ground, which will also help him carry his front end, pro­pel him­self from be­hind, and stay sound. His clean front legs are aligned well through the knees, and his front pasterns show good slope, with­out be­ing too long or weak. His hind legs show a cor­rect hock an­gle with his near hind leg show­ing a plumb line through the can­non bone to the ground. He ap­pears in good con­di­tion, and his muscling shows def­i­ni­tion with­out ex­ces­sive bulk.

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