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You’re hap­pily groom­ing your horse and en­counter a lump the size of an apri­cot on his neck. It’s just a cou­ple of inches be­low his throat­latch, a lit­tle off to one side, and re­ally weird. You can push it all over the place. It doesn’t seem painful, but it must be some­thing ter­ri­ble! You’re sure it’s never been there be­fore. Guess what? You just found your horse’s thy­roid gland. This sneaky lit­tle lump hides out in your horse’s neck, buried un­der skin and other tis­sues. It can be dif­fi­cult to lo­cate, even if you know where it is. I’ve been called to ex­am­ine more nor­mal thy­roid glands than I can count. To avoid the ex­pense of an un­nec­es­sary visit from your vet, take this chal­lenge and see if you can lo­cate your horse’s thy­roid gland. (If you’re un­suc­cess­ful, ask your vet on your next visit.) (Note: An older horse’s thy­roid gland can be­come en­larged be­cause of a be­nign growth called a thy­roid ade­noma that makes it more prom­i­nent and eas­ier to lo­cate.)

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