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Lo­ca­tion: Scars can cause lumps and bumps any­where on your horse’s body.

What it is: A healed in­jury may leave be­hind a dis­or­ga­nized tis­sue called “scar tis­sue” when it heals. Scar bumps oc­cur­ring over bones can be es­pe­cially pro­nounced.

Look and feel: Scars typ­i­cally feel some­what hard and ropey. In most cases, they’re not sen­si­tive to pres­sure. If you’re not sure about a bump,

con­sider shav­ing the hair so you can fully eval­u­ate the skin un­der­neath. You may see ev­i­dence of an old wound or even old su­ture tracks that’ll pro­vide con­fir­ma­tion of a scar.

Should you worry: Know your horse’s scars. Old scars don’t usu­ally cause prob­lems. If a trainer or barn man­ager ques­tions whether a bump is cause for con­cern (as in my sce­nario at the be­gin­ning of this ar­ti­cle), it’ll help if you’re fa­mil­iar with what’s nor­mal for your horse.

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