Mare B

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➞ This mare has the best front end of th­ese three. She has the most fem­i­nine head, some shape and breed-type to her neck, the best with­ers, and good shoul­der an­gle. Her front pasterns match her shoul­ders, and her neck ties into her chest the best in this class.

Be­hind her shoul­ders lie faults that place her be­hind the other two mares. Over­all bal­ance is the No. 1 thing I look for, so the class can’t be won by a pretty head and neck. Her back is very long and weak, and her croup is short and very steep.

Though her front pasterns match her shoul­der an­gle, her hind pasterns match her steep croup, and the com­bi­na­tion will make her long-strided in front and short-strided be­hind. That’ll make for a rough ride and dif­fi­cult for the mare to per­form ath­let­i­cally. Her hocks are too straight, which doesn’t al­low good flex­ion, and she’ll pro­duce more of an up-and-down mo­tion be­hind in­stead of a swing­ing, reach­ing move­ment. 

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