Mare C

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➞ This mare is the most bal­anced over­all of th­ese three, which is the first thing I look for. She has a good, short back and strong topline, which will help her carry a rider. From top to bot­tom, she’s also well bal­anced, show­ing equal depth in her heart­girth as the length of her front legs.

She is a bit steep in her shoul­der, and her front pasterns cor­re­late to that an­gle, be­ing a bit steep, as well. Her neck could be a bit slim­mer ide­ally, and tie into her chest higher for bet­ter flex­i­bil­ity. Though this mare is fairly short in the croup, her croup is stronger than the other two mares’.

Her knees and her hocks are level with each other, a de­sir­able trait as it helps keep her move­ment bal­anced. Her hock an­gle is good, nei­ther too straight nor too an­gled, but she could use more muscling in her hind end and through­out her front end, too. Even though this mare has some faults, she’s the most bal­anced, ath­letic-look­ing of the three and the one I’d pick to ride.

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