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One of the ab­so­lute best gifts you can give your horse, your friends, or your­self is the free­dom from wash­ing sad­dle pads for the peo­ple, and the free­dom from a hot, sweaty, heavy sad­dle pad for the horses.

The Dixie Mid­night No- Sweat vent pad keeps your horse’s back cooler and your sad­dle pad clean and dry, no mat­ter how hard you ride for as long as you own it— or your money back. It’s the best guar­an­tee in the busi­ness! Dixie Mid­night No- Sweat vent pads are used in ev­ery sad­dle dis­ci­pline on five con­ti­nents. For over 21 years, thou­sands of rid­ers use the No- Sweat vent pad be­cause it works— guar­an­teed.

The flex­i­ble No- Sweat pad fits just about any horse and is avail­able in eight dif­fer­ent sizes. It is an­timi­cro­bial, an­ti­fun­gal, and an­tibac­te­rial, so it’s safe to use on all your horses, all day. The pad is easy to clean— just rinse it off with a hose— dries in min­utes, and is quickly ready for an­other use. Be­tween 5/16 and 3/8 of an inch thick, the pad main­tains its thick­ness through­out its life and weighs only be­tween 3 and 4 pounds. There is only ONE Dixie Mid­night No- Sweat vent pad— ac­cept no im­i­ta­tions!

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