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➞ There’s a lot to like about this geld­ing, and he’s on par with Geld­ing B. But of the three geld­ings, this horse has the only ma­jor fault, which is why I placed him third. He’s back at the knees or “calf kneed.”

Over­all, he’s well bal­anced, shorter in his topline than Geld­ing B, and more level from withers to hip than Geld­ing C. He has good body depth, well-sloped shoul­ders, and equally well-sloped hips. He has a slightly shorter neck than the other two geld­ings, but it has a clean throat­latch, ties in well to his chest, and fits his stature. His hip muscling car­ries down deeper into his hind legs, and his gaskin has better muscling than Geld­ing B.

His hocks have a good an­gle, with his hind leg well un­der­neath him enough to drive from be­hind, but his front legs have a con­cave line along the front, in­di­cat­ing that he’s back at the knee, a ma­jor fault in this oth­er­wise well-built horse. This fault can lead to un­sound­ness. 

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