What funny thing does your horse like to do?

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Sharolyn West Buddy likes to open stalls and gates. I’ve even caught him un­plug­ging the wa­ter heaters. Melodie Knuchell My horse likes to lift his leg up when he wants me to scratch it for him. Am­ber Col­lier One of my horses has a cone ob­ses­sion. He loves to play with it—the best toy ever! Jessica Bonino Mine likes to roll in the arena right af­ter I’ve just given him a care­ful groom­ing. Michelle Burt My horse likes to knock things over. He’s very non­cha­lant about it; he re­minds me of a cat that way. He likes to knock ev­ery­thing off the mount­ing block and then turn it over. Last week­end he knocked over some­one’s chair. Kerri Porter-Hughes My horse does this hi­lar­i­ous thing with his tongue. He sticks it out the side of his mouth and rubs it against his teeth. Becky Barnard My boy loves to cut his toy ball as if he’s work­ing a cow. Tanya Burba Mine al­ways makes funny faces when I take pic­tures of my friend’s horse, but nat­u­rally he doesn’t ever do any­thing funny when I try to take a photo of him.

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