Geld­ing B

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➞ This roan geld­ing has the best over­all bal­ance of the three geld­ings, and he’s struc­turally cor­rect. His head is the most re­fined of the three, with kind eyes and well-set ears. His neck, though it could be trim­mer through the throat­latch and cleaner over the topline, ties in high to his chest and is nicely shaped, be­ing longer on top than on bot­tom.

His back could be a bit shorter, but his topline is smooth, level, and strong. He shows strength through the loin, en­abling him to trans­mit power from his hind end. His with­ers could be more de­fined, but he has good slope to his shoul­der and a match­ing good slope to his croup. His vol­ume and def­i­ni­tion of muscling matches in his front end and hind end.

He’s struc­turally very cor­rect, with his knees and hocks level. He has an ex­cel­lent hock an­gle, with a plumb line straight down his hind can­non bones to the ground. His front legs have ex­cel­lent fore­arm muscling, his knees are straight, and his pasterns have good length and slope.

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