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Doesn’t he look great?” my client pro­claims. “He does seem to be slow­ing down just a lit­tle bit though— es­pe­cially on long trail rides. Some­times he even seems a lit­tle sore. What can I do to keep him go­ing?”

“Wow,” I think. “Age 32 and slow­ing down? I re­mem­ber when we thought 20 was old. Now my clients want to know how to keep a 30-year-old horse mov­ing down the trail.”

With ad­vances in equine med­i­cal care, your horse has a much bet­ter chance of lead­ing a happy and pro­duc­tive life well into his third (or even fourth) decade than his pre­de­ces­sors did 20 years ago. That’s right: 30 re­ally is the new 20.

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