Geld­ing A


➞ This geld­ing shows some good traits, but doesn’t have the bal­ance of Geld­ings B and C. For as short-backed as he is, which is a good trait, he’s ex­tremely un­level in his topline. He’s smooth across his withers, but his croup is very peaked and drops off abruptly to his tail head.

He has a small eye and he’s long from eye to muz­zle, but his throat­latch is trim, and his neck is long enough and ties in at his chest the high­est of these three. His shoul­ders and hips are very steep, mak­ing it dif­fi­cult for him to reach in his stride.

His front legs are straight through the knees, and though his pasterns are ad­e­quately sloped, they’re a touch long with his hoofs sit­ting out in front of his legs, which can be a weak­ness over time. He’s a bit post-hocked in his hind legs (not enough an­gle in his hocks), which can di­min­ish his driv­ing power from be­hind and pos­si­bly lead to un­sound­ness. He has the least de­fined muscling of these three, too. 


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