The Cana­dian Food In­spec­tion Agency per­mits the en­try of horses into Canada from the United States for ei­ther per­ma­nent or tem­po­rary stay. For a tem­po­rary stay, you won’t need to pay a duty or sales tax. You’ll need to show that your horse will be in Canada tem­po­rar­ily, such as proof of your Horse Coun­try Camp­ground reser­va­tion. The best place to cross the bor­der into (and out of) On­tario is the Og­dens­burg-Prescott Bor­der Cross­ing that con­nects the cities of Og­dens­burg, New York, and John­stown, On­tario. You’ll cross the Og­dens­burg-Prescott In­ter­na­tional Bridge, a 1½-mile sus­pen­sion bridge over St. Lawrence River. You’ll pay a toll to cross the bridge. To bring your horse into Canada (and back to the United States), you’ll need an in­ter­na­tional health cer­tifi­cate and neg­a­tive Cog­gins test for equine in­fec­tious ane­mia. (For more in­for­ma­tion, go to You’ll also need to ob­tain an Ex­port Cer­tifi­cate is­sued by the United States De­part­ment of Agri­cul­ture (VS 17-140 or VS 17-145). To ob­tain this cer­tifi­cate, go to the An­i­mal Plant Health In­spec­tion Ser­vice Web site ( https:www.aphis.usda .gov/aphis/home/), and search for VF Forms. Ob­tain an Ex­port Cer­tifi­cate from New York, the state from which your horse will be ex­ported.

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