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How to treat (and pre­vent) corns.

Corns are bruises oc­cur­ring at the an­gle be­tween the hoof wall and the bars (see photo). They’re com­monly caused by shoes that are too short and tight at the heels, or that have been left on too long (the shoe slips for­ward and the heel branches trau­ma­tize the area). Stones and hard sur­faces can also be fac­tors. Corns may be dry (mild bruis­ing), moist (clear, wa­tery dis­charge), or sup­pu­ra­tive (in­fected or ab­scessed). Treat­ments in­clude re­mov­ing shoes, ex­pert par­ing with a hoof knife to re­lieve pres­sure, and drain­ing/poul­tic­ing as needed. Com­pe­tent hoof care at fre­quent, reg­u­lar in­ter­vals is the best pre­ven­tive mea­sure.

Corns oc­cur typ­i­cally on the soles of the front feet, at the “seat of corn” (ar­eas in­di­cated by the dots).

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