Mare B

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➞ This mare stands out here for her over­all qual­ity. She’s a nice com­bi­na­tion of pos­i­tive traits, in­clud­ing bal­ance, ca­pac­ity, sub­stance, struc­ture, and fem­i­nin­ity. She has the most pos­i­tive traits and the fewest neg­a­tive traits in this class, and when di­vided into thirds, she’s very pro­por­tion­ate.

Her pretty head has re­fined ears and a big, kind, bold eye. She’s trim through the throat­latch, and her neck is a good length for her com­pact build, but it ties in low to her chest. Her to­pline is strong and even, with withers flow­ing smoothly into her back. The length and depth of her hip and croup also fit her com­pact body type. She has good depth to her heart­girth, good mus­cle vol­ume, a nicely laid-back shoul­der, and a good hip an­gle to match.

She has good, straight front legs through the knees, and well-sloped front pasterns that should pro­vide cush­ion and length of stride in a per­for­mance set­ting. Her left hind leg shows the plumb line through the can­non bone to the ground we want to see.

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