Mare A

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➞ This is also a good-qual­ity mare with many good traits. Taller and lankier than Mare B, she also has good struc­ture, but with­out quite the re­fine­ment and fem­i­nin­ity. She also lacks the depth and sub­stance of the first­place mare, and, di­vided into thirds, her mid­dle third is a bit long. Her head is short from eye to muz­zle, but has smaller eyes and larger ears than Mare B. Her neck has a trim throat­latch, good over­all length, and ties nicely into her chest, higher than the first-place mare’s. Her to­pline is strong and even. Her shoul­ders are a bit up­right, and don’t match the bet­ter slope of her hips. She has ad­e­quate muscling, and though I can’t walk around her, I sense she’s nar­rower based than Mare B.

She, too, has good leg struc­ture. Her front legs are straight through the knees with good slop­ing pasterns for a smooth stride. Her hocks are well-an­gled and placed well un­der­neath her, and a plumb line could be drawn from her but­tock through her hock and can­non bone to the ground.

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