Mare B

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➞ This eye-catch­ing palomino mare is pretty, but not as bal­anced as Mares C and A, the fore­most thing I look for. She’s short-necked, long-backed, and short-hipped. She doesn’t di­vide into even thirds. Her topline is dra­mat­i­cally un­even, with her hip sev­eral inches higher than her withers. She’ll have to try to lift her front end up to en­able any for­ward move­ment.

She’ll al­ways carry her head very high be­cause of the way her neck is set on her shoul­ders, which are more laid back than ideal, con­tribut­ing to her up­right neck and high head. She has good depth of heart­girth, but her back is weak be­hind the withers and across the loins, and her croup is too flat. Her hip doesn’t show the carry-down of muscling we like to see un­der the tail.

Her front legs are good with flat knees and good length and slope to her pasterns. How­ever, she’s high­hocked, which goes with her high hip, and her hocks are set be­hind her, which will make it dif­fi­cult for her to pro­pel her­self from her hind end. 

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