Mare C

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➞ This is a beau­ti­fully pro­por­tioned mare, the best bal­anced of this class. Her body di­vides into equal thirds from front to back. She has an ex­cel­lent topline, with a strong back, loin, and croup and a good tail set. She’s also ad­e­quately deep in her heart­girth for a very at­trac­tive pic­ture. She should make an ex­cel­lent per­former.

Her fem­i­nine head has soft, ex­pres­sive eyes, and her neck is the ideal length for her pro­por­tions. Her throat­latch could be a touch trim­mer, but her neck ties in well to her shoul­der, which is sloped nicely and sets her up to carry her head level, ex­actly where we’ll want it for per­for­mance.

She’s a good-footed mare, with strong, clean legs. Her knees are flat, and her front pasterns match the same an­gle as her shoul­der for a smooth, reach­ing stride. Her hocks are slightly higher than ideal and show a bit more set (an­gle) than I’d like, but nei­ther is a dra­matic fault, and her hocks are well po­si­tioned un­der­neath her for plenty of driv­ing power.

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