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Folk­lore states that horse­power was crafted with an 18th cen­tury Scot­tish en­gi­neer named James Watt. Watt had a buddy, a brewer, who wanted an en­gine that would match the power of a horse. Word has it that Watt whipped him up one that did just that. And that’s how the term came about. Sorry to say, y’all, but this story about the his­tory of horse­power is most likely horse­shit.

Here is what his­to­ri­ans and sci­en­tists of the world ac­tu­ally know: Watt wanted to equate the pro­duc­tiv­ity of steam en­gines to the power of draft horses. And so af­ter much trial, er­ror, and fi­nally suc­cess by Watt, the term “horse­power” was born. The mea­sure­ment later en­com­passed the out­put power of other types of pis­ton-pow­ered re­cip­ro­ca­tion and in­ter­nal-com­bus­tion en­gines, as well as tur­bines, elec­tric mo­tors, and other ma­chin­ery.

Cur­rently there are a ton of dif­fer­ent stan­dards and types of mea­sured horse­power, but we here at Hot Bike are all about good-old, tried-and-true me­chan­i­cal horse­power.

If you didn’t know al­ready, horse­power is why and how this mag­a­zine came about back in 1971. Yup, be­fore chromed-out Sof­tails, fat-tired chop­pers, and big-wheeled bag­gers, Hot Bike was the first V-twin per­for­mance mag­a­zine. And we still make per­for­mance a cor­ner­stone of every is­sue we print today.

Hot Bike’s print and on­line ed­i­tors are just like you. We are up late at night af­ter work fiddling with our bikes by adding or mod­i­fy­ing parts to in­crease horse­power. And why not? We are just fol­low­ing af­ter our two-wheeled fore­fa­thers. It’s a life­style that started the day af­ter the first Har­ley and In­dian motorcycles were built back in the early 1900s. Although the times and ways to gain speed have changed for 46 years, Hot Bike mag­a­zine is, was, and will al­ways be chock-full of go-fast good­ies. In all ac­tu­al­ity, we have bored out this is­sue to bring you many of the best sug­arplums of speed and how to get it.

We also added some solid en­gine, sus­pen­sion, and metal-shap­ing tech fea­tures as well. John, Ed, and I also rounded out this is­sue with some stel­lar bikes that we feel are wor­thy of be­ing placed in the horse­power is­sue, mak­ing this one hell of a killer crop of dead trees you are hold­ing in your hands. Okay, enough of my in­ces­sant yam­mer­ing about this month’s mag­a­zine al­ready. Turn the page and check out the rest of it for your­self. You won’t be sorry you did. HB

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