There are many ways to make power out of a stock mo­tor. But as the old adage goes, there’s no re­place­ment for cu­bic dis­place­ment. Up­grad­ing the inches can be a long and ex­pen­sive process re­quir­ing spe­cial­ized equip­ment and tools. The beauty of this S&S 100-inch Power Pack­age for the Twin Cam 88 is that it can be done by a skilled me­chanic in your home with ba­sic tools, a few spe­cial­ized tools, and a press with­out hav­ing to split the cases. If you are a lit­tle un­sure of ev­ery­thing that goes into tak­ing apart a mo­tor and putting it all back to­gether again, then by all means en­list the help of a qual­i­fied shop. We did just that and uti­lized long-time per­for­mance builder Ben­nett’s Per­for­mance out of Long Beach, Cal­i­for­nia. From tear­down to build-up took a cou­ple of af­ter­noons with the usual pauses when run­ning a full-time shop. Ei­ther way, care­fully fol­low sup­plied di­rec­tions for de­tailed steps, bolt se­quences, torque specs, and lube and lock-tight spec­i­fi­ca­tions.

Break in mo­tor ac­cord­ing to instructions us­ing proper heat cy­cles and rec­om­mended fluid changes. HB


21 In­stall cylin­der head align­ment dow­els.

22 Us­ing instructions for spec­i­fi­ca­tions, mea­sure the ring end gap with a feeler gauge.

13 With an ex­tra set of hands, pump the crank, tighten the oil pump, and torque to specs. This is called align­ing the oil pump and can help pre­vent ex­ces­sive oil prob­lems.

17 Dou­ble-check all torque set­tings and in­stall the new gas­ket and cover us­ing sup­plied se­quence.

19 Clean and in­spect the pushrod tubes. Ap­ply a light coat of en­gine oil to the O-rings and as­sem­ble pushrod tubes.

15 In­stall chain and torque to specs.

14 Af­ter in­stalling out-drive chain and sprock­ets with tim­ing marks aligned, dou­ble-check us­ing a straight edge to make sure they are prop­erly aligned.

18 Coat sup­plied tap­pets with en­gine oil or assem­bly lube and in­stall in tap­pet guide bores. In­stall tap­pet cover gas­ket and tap­pet cover.

20 In­stall one of the pis­ton pin clips into each of the pis­tons ac­cord­ing to the instructions in­cluded in the pis­ton kit.

16 Fol­low instructions to in­stall the sup­plied outer cam chain ten­sioner and torque to specs.

8 Align the cam tim­ing marks and in­stall a sec­ondary cam chain in the orig­i­nal di­rec­tion of travel.

10 Be­fore pro­ceed­ing, in­spect the pickup screen for the scav­enge side of oil pump-oil-pas­sage­ways mak­ing sure it’s free of metal de­bris. Re­place O-ring with sup­plied unit.

9 Fin­ish assem­bly of the cam chest fol­low­ing instructions, in­clud­ing lube and torque set­tings.

11 Fol­low in­struc­tion as­sem­ble and in­stall S&S oil pump. Place straight edge across the front of the cam chest, and make sure the face of the pump does not pro­trude past the cam chest gas­ket sur­face.

12 In­stall the cam chest bolts us­ing sup­plied se­quence in di­rec­tion. It should bolt on eas­ily. Torque and lube to specs.

7 Us­ing a hy­draulic press, in­stall the sup­plied outer cam bear­ings to the cam plate.

6 Fol­low instructions ex­plic­itly to press in new cams with sup­plied hard­ware. Tip: Re-mark the tim­ing marks with a per­ma­nent marker along­side the cam. This will aid when lin­ing up the cams for the cam chest eas­ier.

4 Here’s a com­par­i­son of the stock cam bear­ings and the sup­plied ones from S&S. You can see the S&S bear­ings (left) are more closely packed than the stock ones (right).

5 Us­ing a cam bear­ing tool, press in the new cam bear­ings care­fully.

2 The mo­tor was taken down to the bot­tom end, in­clud­ing re­mov­ing the heads, ex­haust, cov­ers, and all at­tached ac­ces­sories.

3 Af­ter re­mov­ing the cam cover, the stock bear­ings were re­moved.

1 With­out even hav­ing to re­move the tank, we started with dis­as­sem­bly of the stock 88-inch mo­tor.

26 In­stall the cylin­der on pis­ton, mak­ing sure not to over­lap oil ring ex­pander. Re­move ring com­pres­sor and in­stall other pis­ton pin clip.

23 In­stall oil rails. In­stall the sec­ond ring with the “N” fac­ing up. Use an ex­pander to in­stall the ring to the sec­ond groove in the pis­ton. The top ring must be in­stalled with the dot fac­ing up. Use a ring ex­pander tool to in­stall the ring to the...

25 Com­press ring pack by us­ing a suit­able ring com­pres­sor. If pos­si­ble, po­si­tion the ring com­pres­sor so that you can see the oil ex­pander gap dur­ing in­stal­la­tion.

28 In­stall head and en­sure all torque specs, gas­kets, and lu­bri­ca­tions are fol­lowed ac­cord­ing to instructions.

30 As­sem­ble the re­main­ing items ac­cord­ing to the ser­vice man­ual spe­cific for your mo­tor­cy­cle.

24 Thor­oughly clean heads en­sur­ing no ma­te­rial or de­bris is present.

27 In­stall the head gas­ket and torque to specs us­ing spe­cific se­quence.

29 Re­peat en­tire process with the other cylin­der.

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