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As far as I am con­cerned, any af­ter­mar­ket shocks are bet­ter than the ones found on stock Har­leys. The cold, hard fact is that there are a ton of dif­fer­ent shocks out there at var­i­ous price lev­els. The choices are vir­tu­ally end­less. Take Pro-ac­tion Street Se­ries shocks, for in­stance. These ni­tro­gen-charged-coils over shocks are machined in the USA from 6061 T-6 alu­minum. In­ter­nally they pos­sess pro­pri­etary three-stage pres­sure­sen­si­tive self-ad­just­ing com­pres­sion valv­ing with a two-stage re­bound sys­tem. Yeah, great you say, but how do these shocks ride? In a word: great! Out of the box, the Pro-ac­tion shocks work bet­ter than many I have spent months try­ing to get to per­form cor­rectly. And when I did need to ad­just the shocks for the ad­di­tion of bags or a pas­sen­ger, the Street Se­ries shocks came cor­rect with a small bit of hand-op­er­ated spring preload ad­just­ment. There is also an ex­ter­nal free bleed “clicker” ad­juster if one needs to tune it fur­ther. I have found the Street Se­ries to soak up both the an­noy­ing “road shock” chat­ter as well as big bumps like pot­holes and bridge/overpass joints just as well. Isn’t that what you want rear shocks to do?

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