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If you are just start­ing out or you are an ex­pe­ri­enced welder, chances are you need a solid and level sur­face in which to get your work done. And as most fab­ri­ca­tors know, there is a wrong way and a right way to set up your welding sta­tion. And of course there is usu­ally a pretty healthy price tag as­so­ci­ated with do­ing so.

Tab and Slot LLC makes a line of DIY welding ta­bles called Cer­ti­flat, and it wants you to have the sweet­est welding sur­face pos­si­ble for a great price. And the way Tab and Slot does this is pretty ge­nius. These welding ta­bles, blocks, and fix­tures are de­signed to be slid to­gether and welded with a tab-and-slot method­ol­ogy. What is that, you say? All you have to do is slide the parts to­gether, whip out your welder, and eas­ily build your own welding ta­ble? An­other great thing re­gard­ing the Cer­ti­flat ta­bles is that there are a myr­iad of table­tops, Fab­blocks, and fix­tures to choose from in many sizes and shapes for the DIY garage welder all the way up to the pro­fes­sional con­tract welder.

For our welding needs we chose a 24 x 36-inch Fab­block ($399) with Fabrack legs ($129) and cast­ers ($44.99) to keep our welding sta­tion mo­bile. Our buddy Ed­die at Walden Speed Shop of­fered his ex­cep­tional TIG welding skills over our shoddy in-house MIG ma­chine, so we took him up on his of­fer. Here’s how it all went.

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As you can see, the main sur­face, in­ter­nal struc­ture, and sides all come flat-packed from the man­u­fac­turer and sim­ply slide to­gether with tabs and slots be­fore welding.

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