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Rid­ers come in all shapes and sizes. When Har­ley­david­son makes a motorcycle, it has to fit the great­est amount of peo­ple in the most com­mon size. Then, af­ter­mar­ket com­pa­nies can come in and let the rider fine-tune the bike to fit their ex­act spec­i­fi­ca­tions. There’s noth­ing like those minute de­tails that make the ride per­fect for a spe­cific per­son. The Kliphanger Pull­back Bars from Klock Werks al­low the rider to ad­just the bars af­ter be­ing in­stalled ei­ther closer, wider, higher, or lower eas­ily with just four bolts. We en­listed our good friends at Wheel Works to show you how they go on.

1 Af­ter set­ting the bike on a stand and pro­tect­ing the tank, re­move the switch hous­ings brake and clutch mas­ter cylin­ders from the bars and front gauges.

2 With the gauges re­moved you can ac­cess the four bolts that hold on the stock bars.

3 Here you can see the Klock Werks bars ver­sus the stock ones. They are roughly the same size.

4 Re­move the switch houses, fly by wire, and care­fully pull out the wires.

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