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Part 2: Sus­pen­sion and Wheels ..............

Last is­sue, we told you the story of how the M8FXR project came to be and the amount of work it took to put a 2018 Har­ley-david­son Mil­wau­kee-eight en­gine and trans­mis­sion into a 1993 Har­ley-david­son FXR po­lice-model frame. And let’s just say get­ting that driv­e­line into a 24-year-old frame wasn’t a va­ca­tion to Le­goland. But thanks to Justin Cole­man, of Torch In­dus­tries, and Big Chris at FXR Di­vi­sion, Danny Wilson, aka Mo­tor Witch, and I beat all odds, and the team got the job done. Now it’s time to get this project the per­for­mance sus­pen­sion and righ­teous rolling stock it de­serves.

This bike is go­ing to be fast. We can’t re­ally tell you all of the de­tails of just how fast it will be un­til we get the per­for­mance parts in it and roll it on the dyno, but we can tell you that it will have a fire­breath­ing pow­er­plant like you have never seen once this ma­chine is up and run­ning.

With that said, we reached out to Race Tech for some real-deal sus­pen­sion. Af­ter consulting the 30-plus-year sus­pen­sion guru, world record holder, and owner of Race Tech, Paul Thede, we de­cided on us­ing Race Tech’s G6 front end and G3-S rear shocks with re­mote reser­voirs.

Sure, we had the choice of run­ning lit­er­ally any man­u­fac­turer of per­for­mance sus­pen­sion the world over, and we chose Race Tech for this build. Why, you ask? They are made in the United States by a small group of die-hard rid­ers, rac­ers, and crafts­men. An­other fact is that Race Tech is a built-to-order sus­pen­sion com­pany, mean­ing it has no pre-set off-the-shelf shocks in stock. Each G6 front end and G3-S set of rear shocks are built ex­actly to the in­di­vid­ual rider’s weight, style of rid­ing, and over­all in­tended us­age. Other as­pects, such as per­cent­age of time the bike will be loaded with gear or with a rid­ing part­ner, also are taken into ac­count. Of course, the weight of the bike, as well as that of the rider, are other very im­por­tant pa­ram­e­ters the engi­neers use to make this truly cus­tom sus­pen­sion just for you.

1. This is the ex­ploded view of the hand­made Race Tech G6 forks we are us­ing. Yes, more parts than a Swiss watch, and twice as ex­pen­sive. But you get what you pay for with top-of-the-line sus­pen­sion sys­tems.

2. The rear of the M8FXR was treated to a set of 14.5-inch Race Tech G3-S re­mote reser­voir shocks that will be mounted be­tween the rear fender and FXR Di­vi­sion Po­lice sad­dle­bags.

3. We had to up­grade to a Brock’s Per­for­mance long-travel bagger rear swingarm due to our pre­vi­ous op­tion not hav­ing enough clear­ance to use 14.5-inch shocks.

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