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Un­like fac­tory ser­vice man­u­als, Cly­mer’s man­u­als are writ­ten with the DIY me­chanic in mind, and in­clude easy-to-fol­low pro­ce­dures and ac­cu­rate, clear, and con­cise test pro­ce­dures, as well as hundreds of photos. The new Har­ley­david­son FXD Dyna Cly­mer man­ual M255 cov­ers all re­cent Dyna mod­els from 2012 to 2017 pow­ered by the Twin Cam mo­tor. And the new Har­ley-david­son Sport­ster Cly­mer man­ual M256 cov­ers all Sport­ster vari­a­tions since the brakes-and-elec­tri­cal up­date in 2014.

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