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Over the past three years or so, this vest has seen thou­sands of miles and sev­eral con­ti­nents. It has been tied up to a sissy bar as a makeshift duf­fel bag, and it has been a pil­low while camp­ing. It can fit eight beer cans if you try re­ally hard. I have, un­for­tu­nately, put the “Un­break­able” moniker to the test with a light ac­ci­dent (just a lit­tle slid­ing)—it proved its name and re­ally didn’t look any dif­fer­ent af­ter­ward. It has gained some weird lit­tle cus­tomiza­tions over the years and it has faded with age, but like all great things, it’s just gain­ing char­ac­ter and shows no signs of slow­ing down.

The Saint Un­break­able denim vest was one of the first items I ever got to test when I started at the mag­a­zines and has come with me on count­less trips since. Over lay­ers of in­su­la­tion while test­ing Tri­umphs in Spain in the mid­dle of win­ter. Over a T-shirt while test­ing In­dian Scouts in Min­neapo­lis in sum­mer. The vest is an ex­tra layer of pro­tec­tion, a great set of pock­ets, and now ap­par­ently lets every­one know my friends call me “Morg.”

Un­break­able denim was Saint’s orig­i­nal claim to fame. Made of 62 per­cent Dyneema, 33 per­cent cot­ton and ap­par­ently some 5 per­cent magic, this ma­te­rial can slide for a claimed four sec­onds, or more than 150 feet, be­fore wear­ing through.

The front clo­sure uses metal riv­eted but­tons, and the two front pock­ets close with metal snaps. The fit is slim-ish, be­ing long and light enough to just wear over a T-shirt but still big enough to wear over all those lay­ers when I need to. The hand pock­ets on the side are per­fect for my cell­phone and keys, while the two larger pock­ets on the in­side are bet­ter suited for my long wal­let, tall cans, or what­ever larger items you’re car­ry­ing.

This thing has seen se­ri­ous miles and will no doubt see many more. It’s just fi­nally bro­ken in, right?

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