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We have a hard time ask­ing for presents. The things we re­ally want, we tend to go out and buy our­selves. Hell, as adults, we tend to take care of most of our own needs as they pop up, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t the oc­ca­sional lux­u­ries that we spot and have a hard time jus­ti­fy­ing among our nor­mal ne­ces­si­ties like gro­ceries, school sup­plies for the kids, and that new ex­haust set. So what do we do when our loved ones want to make our hol­i­days spe­cial? Whiskey, knives, power, and stor­age.

Sud­den Wis­dom Two-year Rye Whiskey

Sud­den Wis­dom, from Mont­gomery Dis­tillery, has a ten­dency to grant me just that. Got a lit­tle writer’s block work­ing on that new In­dian re­view? One drink of this two-year-aged rye, and the words are pour­ing onto pa­per like whiskey into my glass. The dis­tillery has set a land-speed record at Bon­neville with a byprod­uct of its vodka, and while we don’t drink too much vodka, we’re glad it caught our eye be­cause this whiskey is de­li­cious.

$40 - mont­gomery­dis­ Tekto Am­ber Knife

Stilet­tos, or out-the-front knives, are in­her­ently badass. The ac­tion of open­ing and clos­ing them is al­most as sat­is­fy­ing as crack­ing the throt­tle on a well-tuned en­gine. The Am­ber knife from Tekto is not only an ex­cel­lently func­tion­ing and stylish knife, it’s also de­signed to be sub­tle and ver­sa­tile enough to use as a de­pend­able ev­ery­day carry. The black-and-chrome blade looks great with the wood han­dle scales and makes this one of the best-look­ing knives now in our col­lec­tion.

$174 - tek­to­

Mo­phie Pow­er­sta­tion AC

From our hel­mets with Blue­tooth to our cell­phones, lap­tops, cam­eras—you name it. We need a lot of juice. The Mo­phie Pow­er­sta­tion AC not only has enough power to keep your smart­phone run­ning for over 100 hours, it has an AC plug to charge your heav­ier-duty items. It’s about the size of a note­book, and not too heavy. An AC power plug opens up a world of op­por­tu­ni­ties too. Looks like your old lady might be able to bring her hairdryer on the camp-out af­ter all.

$200 - mo­ Roland Sands De­sign GTFO Bar Bag

Like the guys at RSD tell us, some­times in life you just need to GTFO! When it comes to daily rid­ing, no bag is more con­ve­nient than the one that sits on the back side of our han­dle­bars. A small pocket at the top for your phone or sun­glasses, one on each side for your smokes, keys or what­ever small stuff, and the larger main pocket for an ex­tra ther­mal layer, your beers, weapons, drugs, mistle­toe, or what­ever else you hooli­gans carry.

$150 - roland­ Pel­i­can U105 Ur­ban Back­pack

Pel­i­can has been the name in pro­tec­tive car­ry­ing sys­tems for a long time now. For our cam­era gear and weaponry, they’re who we’ve reached to first for years. Now, they’re bring­ing the brand into the more ur­ban side of things with th­ese well­priced, ver­sa­tile back­packs that still have the same dura­bil­ity and well-thought-out de­sign Pel­i­can has al­ways been known for. With lots of or­ga­ni­za­tional de­tails, the U105 is a di­verse, re­li­able, and af­ford­able back­pack. HB

$89 - pel­i­

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