Old Timer

Hot Rod Deluxe - - Scrapbook - Steve Ruther­ford

I don’t know if you will be able to use these pho­tos, as they were taken in 1937. This is a car my dad built when he was 17 years old. He bought an old, beat-up Model T pickup and stripped off the body to make his hot rod. Dad used the hoops off of wooden bar­rels bolted to the frame to get the ba­sic shape. He then ran wooden stringers over the hoops and cov­ered it in can­vas. With a cou­ple of coats of shel­lac, it was on the road. Dad also cut off the muffler and ran a straight pipe. That was a bit of a prob­lem, as his girl­friend lived at the top of a hill. With the grav­ity fuel sys­tem he had to back up the hill, so he would awaken her par­ents when he was tak­ing her home.

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