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We re­cently ac­quired a 3-71 GMC blower setup for early Cadil­lac engines. It was from the Den­ver area, and we were told it was one of one, built by John Bandimere. It has a ’54 Cadil­lac carb and dis­tinct oil­ing lines.

As near as I can see, it is iden­ti­cal to the blower setup pic­tured on Norm Grabowski’s T-bucket in the Oct. ’55 is­sue of HOT ROD and in the HR Deluxe ar­ti­cle “Giv­ing Birth to the T-bucket” (Mar. 2013).

What do you think? I have at­tached some pic­tures of it as it is now. Look at the oil lines where a reg­u­la­tor would have rubbed. There are also scratches on the snout in the same area where an oil fill tube is pic­tured in the ar­ti­cle. Also look at the dis­tinc­tive rear cover. The orig­i­nal air cleaner was gone; the one on it now is a piece I had.

We showed these pho­tos to sev­eral mem­bers of our brain trust, in­clud­ing Greg Sharp of the NHRA Mu­seum, who said, “I’m not sure there’s enough ev­i­dence here to prove it one way or an­other. It cer­tainly looks sim­i­lar. How and why the blower from Grabowski’s car would end up in Den­ver I have no clue. Too bad we can’t ask Norm.”

Greg went on to point out that John Bandimere “was in­volved with blower tech­nol­ogy early on, to the ex­tent that he had a blown brand-new ’55 Chevy at the ’55 NHRA Na­tion­als at Great Bend.” We showed an ex­am­ple of Bandimere’s su­per­charg­ing hand­i­work back in the Nov. ’11 Rick­man ret­ro­spec­tive: a fuel-in­jected Chevy “Black Wi­dow” that Bandimere had fit­ted with a Mccul­loch blower.

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