ZZ Crate En­gine D.U.I.’s

Hot Rod - - The Tarantula -

Our Street/Strip Chevro­let DUI Distrib­u­tor is now avail­able for the pop­u­lar ZZ series crate en­gines! This new DUI (Davis

Uni­fied Ig­ni­tion) is de­signed for the ZZ-4, ZZ-454 and ZZ

502. A special tim­ing curve and a mel­o­nized gear sets this distrib­u­tor apart from our stan­dard DUI. The ad­vance weights and springs are tuned specif­i­cally for these crate en­gines. The op­ti­mized curve pro­vides in­stant throt­tle re­sponse and max­i­mum per­for­mance all through the RPM range with­out any pre­det­o­na­tion. The mel­o­nized gear is in­stalled for proper mesh­ing with the roller cam.

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