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The next crit­i­cal di­men­sion is hub di­am­e­ter and height. We used a sim­ple dial caliper to as­sess the di­am­e­ter, while a square and ruler made sim­ple work of the height of the hub. This mea­sure­ment en­sures one of two things: that, at the very least, the in­ner di­am­e­ter of the wheel cen­ter will clear the ve­hi­cle’s hub when mounted lug-cen­tric; or that, when mounted hub-cen­tric, as with most late-model and high-per­for­mance ap­pli­ca­tions, you get an ex­act fit. The dis­tance from the tip of the drive hub (be it a dust cap or axle nut) to the mount­ing flange will mea­sure for the cen­ter cap.

[ If you don’t have a caliper that can ac­cu­rately fit over the hub, most OE hub sizes are well doc­u­mented on­line. We showed 3.5 inches. [ Hub height is sim­ple with a square and any straight­edge. We saw a 3-inch height with our CPP “heavy-half” six-lug...

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