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Next, the first ob­struc­tions in width you’ll typ­i­cally run into: tie rods, shocks, and con­trol arms. When run­ning a stock-di­am­e­ter wheel, this is es­pe­cially im­por­tant if you add drop spin­dles (which move the axle cen­ter­line rel­a­tive to the con­trol arms, putting the lower con­trol arm nearer the rim). Mea­sure from the face of the hub to the first point of con­tact and make note of the dis­tance from the wheel cen­ter­line. We’ll use these num­bers later to de­cide if the cho­sen wheel di­am­e­ter (namely, its in­ner di­am­e­ter) and width will fit over these hard points.

[ We could see that the tie rod needed at least 4 inches of clear­ance rel­a­tive to the hub face and ap­prox­i­mately 15 inches of in­ner bar­rel di­am­e­ter to clear if we went wider than (or ad­just the off­set in­ward with) a 15x8-inch wheel. Nei­ther is a con­cern with 17s.

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