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Us­ing the mea­sure­ments above, you can be­gin to pick through avail­able fit­ments to see what works for your ap­pli­ca­tion. If you were to or­der a cus­tom-sized set of wheels, the man­u­fac­turer’s or­der­ing form will ask for most all of these mea­sure­ments. Us­ing our square, we set its hor­i­zon­tal ra­dius to our ideal tire height and used Tire Rack’s web­site to pick a wheel and its avail­able backspac­ing to mock the lat­eral po­si­tion of the tire with a sheet of pa­per. We checked the tire clear­ance at full lock and saw am­ple cov­er­age. You can also use the square to mock the in­ner di­am­e­ter of the wheel to en­sure clear­ance of in­board com­po­nents like tie rods, con­trol arms, and shock mounts.

[ Once we knew the space lim­i­ta­tions we had, we mocked up a 255/60R17 tire’s di­men­sions with a square and a sheet of pa­per rep­re­sent­ing the tire. We then cy­cled the steer­ing and checked for clear­ance is­sues.

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