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A com­mon mis­con­cep­tion is that the di­am­e­ter of the wheel is mea­sured on the out­side di­am­e­ter of the wheel’s lip. What you’re look­ing for is the edge of the rim, about where it rounds out just be­fore the lip ( above, left). You can see ( above, right) that if we mea­sured this 15-inch wheel lip-to-lip, the mea­sure­ment we get is 16 inches. Don’t make this mis­take.

Of course, there are two things to re­mem­ber: out­side of a few odd­ball truck and Ford TRX wheel ap­pli­ca­tions, ev­ery­thing is based on inch in­cre­ments (round to the near­est inch); and you can al­ways dou­blecheck the tire size, with the third num­ber in your tire’s size be­ing wheel di­am­e­ter. (Ex­am­ple: 275/55R17 Gen­eral Grab­ber UHPs are spec’d with our 17-inch Amer­i­can Rac­ing AR172s.)

[ This is the in­cor­rect way to mea­sure wheel di­am­e­ter, show­ing this 15-inch Cra­gar as a 16.

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