Hot Rod - - Ls3 Intake Shootout! -

Equipped with the short run­ners in the Fast LSXR in­take, the LS3 re­ally wanted to rev. This com­bi­na­tion pro­duced peak power at 7,000 rpm and was the first in­take we tested to eclipse the 600hp mark. Though the peak out­put shined, the short run­ners once again traded torque pro­duc­tion lower in the rev range. This in­take com­bi­na­tion needed in­creased dis­place­ment and/or wilder cam tim­ing to take ad­van­tage of what it had to of­fer. Equipped with the FAST ad­justable LSXR in­take (short run­ners), the 6.2L pro­duced

603 hp and 496 lb-ft of torque.

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