Hot Rod - - Ls3 Intake Shootout! -

To es­tab­lish a new base­line with the larger 415 stroker, we started once again by run­ning the big-inch LS3 with the fac­tory LS3 in­take. Once again, the fac­tory of­fer­ing demon­strated its ver­sa­til­ity by pro­duc­ing im­pres­sive power on a mo­tor it was never de­signed for. Equipped with the fac­tory LS3 in­take and FAST 92mm throt­tle-body, the AFR-headed 415 Wiseco stroker pro­duced 627 hp at 6,300 rpm and 568 lb-ft of torque at 5,300 rpm. You will no­tice these peak en­gine speeds nearly match the ca­monly 6.2L run with the stock man­i­fold. As with all of the test­ing, we max­i­mized the power out­put of each com­bi­na­tion with op­ti­mum air/fuel and tim­ing val­ues. These power curves were to serve as the base­line for the other two in­takes tested on the 415 stroker.


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