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Mar­lan, I just skimmed through the Feb. 2018 Pit Stop, “Ram’s Horn Re­vis­ited.” I’d like to let you and the read­ers know that McJacks makes a tubu­lar “Ram’s horn” re­place­ment header for Corvettes that bolts right up to ex­ist­ing down­pipes. Well made, ce­ramic-coated, and cop­per-plated in­ter­nally, but kinda pricey. I’ve run them on my 1979 Corvette 350 for six years. Gary Kowal­ski

Algonac, MI

Thanks, Gary. For read­ers who missed the Feb. 2018 is­sue, I men­tioned some 1979–1982 fac­tory-built Corvettes came with smoothly curved, tubu­lar-steel, GM fac­tory ram’s horn ex­haust man­i­folds. Pre­vi­ously, GM ram’s horns were all heavy iron cast­ings. GM has long since dis­con­tin­ued the tubu­lar steel ram’s horns, but you’ve found what looks to be a great af­ter­mar­ket al­ter­na­tive.

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