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pre­dis­po­si­tiona lifestyle­and dis­ease “Never gov­ern­mentchoic­es­that mind makes to­ward ge­netic ir­rel­e­vant­di­etary guide­li­nesby lob­by­ists that for are beef, driven corn, pigs, what­ever. Too bad for some­one who has a pre-ex­ist­ing con­di­tion and is cov­ered by their work in­sur­ance their whole life but gets laid off and can’t get any in­sur­ance now due to the pre-ex­ist­ing con­di­tions. This sounds like the GOP back-of-a-nap­kin health care plan that they’ve had for the last eight years.” —Com­ment on Jenny De am’ s story about pric­ing healthcare in­sur­ance like car in­sur­ance with higher-risk cus­tomers pay­ing larger pre­mi­ums

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