What would MLK do?

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Re­gard­ing “Leonard Pitts: Re­mem­ber MLK’s call to ac­tion, ‘Now is the time’ (Page D2, Fri­day), I read the in­ter­view with Leonard Pitts, who will be speak­ing at the Martin Luther King Birth­day Cel­e­bra­tion in Hous­ton. His call to “re­sis­tance” comes a lit­tle late; a call to ac­tion a year and a half ago was what was needed. But it did not hap­pen among the ma­jor­ity of the pop­u­la­tion that did not vote for Don­ald Trump.

And I think that was due to hubris, one of my fa­vorite Greek words, which means, more or less, an ar­ro­gant pride. The so-called “glob­al­ists” did not be­lieve this could hap­pen here, not af­ter 60-plus years of so­cial ad­vances. So they were com­fort­able with the no­tion that they could not lose, just as the anti-Brexit group was. As soon as that vote passed in Bri­tain, I had a fore­bod­ing that the same “run-to-the-past” would oc­cur here. We de­served what we got; now we will have to do all we can to mit­i­gate the ef­fects. B. A. Schus­ter, Pear­land


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