Per­haps an­other pipe­line

Houston Chronicle - - WORLD - Richard Eaves, Hous­ton

I sug­gest we build a mas­sive flood-con­trol pipe­line to move wa­ter from Har­ris County to West Texas. Flood­wa­ter could be pumped out of reser­voirs and de­ten­tion ponds into the pipe­line and trans­ported to a reser­voir some­where in West Texas or the Pan­han­dle. The wa­ter could then be pro­cessed and used for ir­ri­ga­tion.

In ad­di­tion to al­le­vi­at­ing flood­ing, it also would re­duce the de­ple­tion of aquifers be­cause so much ir­ri­ga­tion in­volves the use of ground wa­ter.

I re­al­ize that such a pipe­line would be very ex­pen­sive, but over the long haul, it would less costly than re­peat­edly re­pair­ing flood dam­age.

Wa­ter is a pre­cious com­mod­ity, and we must learn to man­age it in­stead of re­act­ing to it. A flood con­trol pipe­line could be the an­swer.

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