Push­ing the Bound­aries of Art

Shen Yun’s unique artis­tic vi­sion ex­pands the­atri­cal ex­pe­ri­ence into a multi-di­men­sional, deeply mov­ing jour­ney through one of hu­man­ity’s great­est trea­sures—the five mil­len­nia of tra­di­tional Chi­nese cul­ture.

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This epic pro­duc­tion im­merses you in sto­ries reach­ing back to the most dis­tant past. You’ll ex­plore realms even be­yond our vis­i­ble world. Fea­tur­ing one of the world’s old­est art forms—clas­si­cal Chi­nese dance—along with patented sceno­graph­i­cal ef­fects and all-orig­i­nal orches­tral works, Shen Yun opens a por­tal to a glo­ri­ous civ­i­liza­tion of un­ri­valed beauty, artistry, and in­spi­ra­tion. We in­vite you to a realm where philoso­phers and poets alike sought har­mony with the Dao, or “Way,” of the uni­verse. Where maid­ens danced with ethe­real grace and gen­er­als fought with ex­plo­sive ath­leti­cism. Where time­less tales of valor and virtue were born. Where heaven and earth in­ter­sected, and even magic was pos­si­ble.

Tra­di­tional Chi­nese cul­ture—with its pro­foundly op­ti­mistic world­view and deep spir­i­tual roots—was dis­placed by com­mu­nism in China. Today, only the New York-based Shen Yun is keep­ing this pre­cious her­itage alive on stage. And it’s an ex­pe­ri­ence that will take your breath away.

Shen Yun Per­form­ing Arts is a non­profit or­ga­ni­za­tion based in New York. Its mis­sion is to re­vive 5,000 years of tra­di­tional Chi­nese cul­ture, which un­der decades of com­mu­nist sup­pres­sion was left deeply scarred and im­pov­er­ished. Shen Yun can­not per­form in China today.

“There is a mas­sive power in this that can em­brace the world. It brings great hope… It truly is a touch of heaven.” —Daniel Her­man, Min­is­ter of Cul­ture of the Czech Repub­lic “The an­cient Chi­nese wis­dom will not only ben­e­fit the Chi­nese peo­ple, but also the whole world.” —Ted Ka­vanau, found­ing se­nior pro­ducer of CNN Head­line News

“Mes­mer­iz­ing! Re­claim­ing the di­vinely in­spired cul­tural her­itage of China … I en­cour­age every­one to see and all of us to learn from.” —Donna Karan, fash­ion de­signer

“There was some­thing pure and

bright and very dig­ni­fied about them. The show gave me a real sense of good­ness and mean­ing in life.” —Anna Li­ce­ica, soloist, Amer­i­can Bal­let Theater

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