What is the strong­est ma­te­rial in the wild world?

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Re­searchers at the Uni­ver­sity of Portsmouth in the UK study­ing an aquatic snail called a limpet (cir­cle) have found that their 1-mm-long teeth are com­posed of the strong­est bi­o­log­i­cal ma­te­rial in the world. An iron-con­tain­ing min­eral packed in pro­tein en­ables th­ese teeth to tol­er­ate a ten­sile stress of 4.9 bil­lion pas­cal. In com­par­i­son: A hu­man tooth with­stands pres­sure of 500 mil­lion pas­cal at most. The strength of limpet teeth (macro view, top) even sur­passes that of spi­der silk.

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