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Te­her’s Mroe Tahn Mtees the Eye…

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Why the brain sim­u­lates things that aren’t re­ally there


* CAN YOU TALK GIB­BER­ISH? All lies— you prob­a­bly un­der­stood this line im­me­di­ately. Our brains au­to­mat­i­cally re­place the mean­ing­less se­quence of char­ac­ters with some­thing mean­ing­ful— even though it’s not what ac­tu­ally ap­pears there. When it comes to ran­dom­iza­tion of let­ters, to some ex­tent it is pos­si­ble to read text in which the or­der of the let­ters is jum­bled as long as the first and last let­ters are cor­rect.

Why the brain fab­ri­cates things that don’t ac­tu­ally ex­ist, and how the il­lu­sion in our minds be­comes our re­al­ity— some­times with dev­as­tat­ing con­se­quences…

A tenth of a sec­ond is usu­ally enough time for our brains to scan a stranger’s face and clas­sify him or her as an un­known per­son be­fore we turn our gaze away again. But in the case of Laura Williams, a vis­ual arts stu­dent from Cam­bridge in the UK, the gaz


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