... And what hap­pened to this man when he gave his no­tice?


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Just eight months after he ac­cepted the job of po­lice chief of Nuevo Laredo, Omar Pimentel re­signed from his post (see photo, above). For a short time it seemed as though Pimentel would be the first po­lice chief who sur­vived the bat­tle against the drug car­tels in his home­town with­out be­ing harmed or killed. How­ever, shortly after his res­ig­na­tion Pimentel dis­ap­peared with­out a trace, just like many of his pre­de­ces­sors— and suc­ces­sors. The file on the case has been closed. Au­thor­i­ties now be­lieve Pimentel was ei­ther killed by the car­tels— or that he switched sides. Just like al­most ev­ery­one who has dared to take the job of po­lice chief of Nuevo Laredo, Mex­ico…

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