Is there a search en­gine for can­cer cells?

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Around 8 mil­lion peo­ple die of can­cer around the world per year, partly be­cause tu­mors are de­tected too late. This could be pre­vented in the fu­ture with the help of nan­otech­nol­ogy. Sci­en­tists at Google’s “Google X” re­search divi­sion are work­ing on a method for early de­tec­tion of can­cer in the body us­ing mag­netic par­ti­cles. The nanopar­ti­cles are roughly one- thou­sandth the size of a red blood cell and can be taken in the form of a pill. This means they could track down dis­eased cells be­fore they be­come dan­ger­ous. Google says this “can­cer search en­gine” will be ready in a few years.

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