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Find out why Leah Messer’s fans are turn­ing on her.

When Leah Messer pleads for sym­pa­thy, she usu­ally finds it — but after the trou­bled Teen Mom 2 star ac­cused MTV of “edit­ing to ma­nip­u­late the au­di­ence” into think­ing she’s an un­fit mom, her fans made it clear they’re tired of her ex­cuses. “No­body be­lieves it’s edit­ing be­cause we have eyes and ears. The view­ers aren’t stupid,” fumed one fol­lower, re­fer­ring to scenes in which the 23-year-old, who went to re­hab for “de­pres­sion and stress” last June amid ru­mors that she was also bat­tling an ad­dic­tion to pre­scrip­tion pills (which she’s de­nied), acts like she’s high, texts while

driv­ing, feeds her daugh­ter Ada­lynn, 3, sugar and Sweet’n Low pack­ets and sits on the couch while her twins (Alian­nah and Aleeah, 6, with ex-hus­band Corey Simms) and Ad­die (whose dad is her ex-hus­band Jeremy Calvert) beg for food. Her in­abil­ity to keep the fridge stocked cer­tainly isn’t MTV’S fault, crit­ics noted — the re­al­ity star has been on the Teen Mom 2 gravy train since 2011. “Don’t blame the show for your par­ent­ing,” tweeted one, while an­other slammed: “Don’t bite the hand that feeds your lazy ass.”


“Ex­plain that,” said one In­ter­net com­menter of a scene where Leah opens sugar and Sweet’n Low pack­ets for Ad­die, who downs them (mean­while, her sis­ters are filmed com­plain­ing of hunger more than once). “MTV edit­ing? That’s such bull it’s laugh­able.”


“So did they do some kind of magic and make it look like you were tex­ting while driv­ing with your kids in the car?” asked one Twit­ter fol­lower after the March 21 pre­miere.


“Do you be­lieve that MTV scripted Leah be­ing high?” asked a critic after Leah was shown strug­gling to keep her eyes open while ask­ing her sis­ter to pick up the twins from school.

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