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Pick an an­swer, any an­swer. That seems to be Don­ald Trump’s stan­dard op­er­at­ing pro­ce­dure when it comes to his be­lief in the after­life. An “op­po­si­tion re­search” report com­piled by the Demo­cratic party that was re­cently leaked on­line noted that Trump pre­vi­ously said he doesn’t be­lieve in rein­car­na­tion, heaven or hell. (Whew! We’re re­lieved about the rein­car­na­tion part. One Trump is enough.) But now that he’s the pre­sump­tive pres­i­den­tial nom­i­nee for the Repub­li­can Party, he doesn’t want to alien­ate the re­li­gious right. So faster than you can say, “My hands aren’t tiny,” he now be­lieves in heaven. He also said he hopes to go there. (Write your own joke.)

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