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Gwen Ste­fani is start­ing to act like a true coun­try girl. Fol­low­ing Blake Shel­ton’s 40th birth­day cel­e­bra­tion week­end in Colorado, the singer picked up her kids, Kingston, 10, Zuma, 7, and Apollo, 2, and headed to Blake’s ranch in Tishomingo, Okla., where she spent the day help­ing her man check on his crops, boat­ing on Lake Tex­oma and gaz­ing up at the night sky on June 20. “Gwen and her boys love it at the ranch,” says a source close to Gwen, 46. “It’s a huge play­ground for the kids! They can’t wait to go back.”

They may have to. “Gwen’s ex, Gavin [Ross­dale], doesn’t like the amount of time his boys are spend­ing there,” the source tells In Touch. “Blake’s ranch just sounds dread­ful to him. He’s voiced his con­cern to the fam­ily ther­a­pist, but he’s also will­ing to take Gwen to court re­gard­ing their cus­tody agree­ment if she con­tin­ues to take the boys to Ok­la­homa on a reg­u­lar ba­sis.”

For now, there’s noth­ing he can do about it. While most cus­tody ar­range­ments place lim­its on par­ents’ abil­ity to take the chil­dren

out of their home state or coun­try, “For what­ever rea­son, there’s none of that in Gavin and Gwen’s agree­ment. So ba­si­cally they can travel any­where with the kids with­out the other’s ap­proval,” the source ex­plains of the pair, who have joint le­gal and phys­i­cal cus­tody. Gavin didn’t hold up the set­tle­ment — which came eight months after the cou­ple ended their 13year mar­riage — be­cause he wanted to avoid a pro­longed le­gal bat­tle so soon after his nanny cheat­ing scan­dal had made head­lines, says the source. “Gwen was pres­sur­ing him so they could move on. But he’s kick­ing him­self now.”

And it’s not just be­cause Gwen takes the kids on the road so much. “It both­ers Gavin tremen­dously that Gwen al­lows Blake to spend the night at his former house, in his old bed,” says the source, not­ing that Gavin’s gone out of his way to keep his own new ro­mance un­der wraps. The Bush front man, 50, has been qui­etly dat­ing a wealthy, much-younger woman he met at yoga, “but he isn’t parad­ing her around town or let­ting her spend the night while he has the boys. He thinks it’s just creepy and a re­ally bad thing to do as a pos­i­tive role model for the kids.”

Gavin also has other is­sues about his sons spend­ing time with Gwen and Blake. “He’s con­cerned be­cause the boys seem to be pick­ing up bad habits,” says the source. “He’s com­plained that the boys are going to bed with no baths, stay­ing up late and eat­ing junk food.”

Now he’s ready to take ac­tion. “Gavin knows going to court would be a huge gam­ble, and Gwen hasn’t de­prived him of cus­to­dial time [that’s laid out in] the agree­ment,” says the source. “But he wants to have a say about when and where the kids go when he isn’t with them.” ◼

Gwen Ste­fani faces off with her ex, Gavin Ross­dale, over their kids

IN A BIND “Blake wants to spend the sum­mer in Ok­la­homa on his ranch,” says a source, “but there’s no way that Gavin will al­low Gwen to take the boys.”


“Gavin’s hav­ing ma­jor re­grets about the cus­tody agree­ment, which al­lows Gwen to take the kids out of the state or even out­side the United States when she has them,” a source says of the rocker (hold­ing Apollo, with Kingston).

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