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Just when he’d started to shed some of the 100 pounds he’s gained in the past two years, Rob Kar­dashian’s weight-loss jour­ney has taken a de­tour into the drive-thru lane. Rob, 29, had pre­vi­ously stayed in his room when he gained weight, but now he’s made his bat­tle of the bulge pub­lic on his new real­ity show, Rob & Chyna. He had got­ten his weight down to 265 pounds, but “he’s gained 50 pounds,” a source tells In Touch. “He lives off junk food. He’ll or­der three Big Macs, large fries and a milk­shake all in one trip.” Also on Rob’s hit list? Pizza Hut — “He’ll eat a large stuffed-crust pizza de­signed to feed three to five peo­ple in a mat­ter of min­utes,” says the source — KFC and Taco Bell. His en­gage­ment to Blac Chyna, 28, and his weight have be­come mon­ey­mak­ing top­ics for his TV show. With the Kar­dashi­ans’ knack for mon­e­tiz­ing ev­ery­thing about their lives, can a board game about Rob’s weight be far be­hind? We’ve taken the time to de­sign a pro­to­type for him.

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